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Our Story

Saving Lives at Sea & on the Broads

Our Story

A Passion for saving lives at sea

Well over 40 years ago there was a very sad incident, which occurred off the Winterton coast and resulted in a loss of life, just down from Hemsby, where the current Lifeboat is housed. A few good men from the Hemsby community felt this loss of life was totally avoidable if there had simply been a rescue boat in the area that was able to get to that area in a reasonable time frame, filling the gap between the neighboring Lifeboats, north, and south of the Hemsby coastal area.

Our first lifeboat was nothing more than a small two-man inflatable dingy which was kept in the village and towed to the beach, this soon became impractical and so a container was purchased to house the boast on the beach.

This was the beginning of a journey of expansion for Hemsby Lifeboat that continues to this day and as each year passes our independent service continues to grow. One of the more notable developments came in 1982 when we were awarded ‘declared facility’ status by the Coastguard (MCA – Maritime Coastguard Agency). Our operational area is from Waxham to California Cliffs.

We became an unincorporated charity on the 23rd September 1977, with a principal purpose to prevent the loss of life at sea and the North Norfolk Broads.