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Ashley Peddle – Helmsman

Saving Lives at Sea & on the Broads

Ashley Peddle – Helmsman

Ashley moved from Essex in 2010 and almost immediately joined the lifeboat. He initially signed-up as a way of meeting people but soon realised the more effort he put into the service the more rewarding it was to be a part of.

Hemsby is a fantastic place, it can be a bit too quite in the winter and a bit too busy in the summer, but the people in the town are great and their support for the Lifeboat is invaluable.

Along with Dan and Scott Ash is one of the longest-serving crew and has also taken his turn as Second Coxswain. One of his favourite aspects of being part of the crew is the camaraderie.

Of course there are the odd issues like any work place, but if you need anything, it doesn’t matter what day or time it is, the crew will be at your side to help. They are a selfless bunch, who give a large part of their free time to help others.

Ashley has worked in procurement for the last 14 years and currently works for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Norwich. He lives on Beach Road with his wife and son, who he hopes might one day follow in his sandy footsteps…

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